This Week's Tastiest Links!

- The chimichanga as our official state food? Macayo's says yes. I say no. - Chow Bella

- The James Beard Foundation announces its semifinalists for the 2012 JBF Restaurant and Chefs Awards. Let's hear it for Valley love! - Chow Bella

- Think coffee-cup rings are boring? Artist Hong Yi begs to differ. - Laughing Squid

- Like margaritas? Of course you do. Here's ten of our favorites. - Chow Bella

- Celebrities are just like us. Not really. They get to demand things like freeze-dried strawberries, premium single malt scotch, and nine filet Mignon steaks get delivered backstage. (RIP Whitney Houston) - The Daily Meal

- Salvador Dali did a cookbook? I'm guessing it has a large selection of melts. - Chow Bella

- What do Nebraskans do to pass the time? Sell 3-year-old Chicken McNuggets that look like George Washington. - Sioux City Journal

- A Subway manager in Phoenix tells a pregnant woman, "we can't hire you because you're pregnant." Yeah, you can't do that. - HR.BLR.com

- Just in time for Lent, Fish McBites! - GrubGrade

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