Wake Up Call

Three Ignite Phoenix Videos That Rocked Our World

The presentations from the first Ignite Food are now online for your viewing pleasure. There are 18 in total; we've pulled three of our favorites.

Ignite Phoenix is like our own hometown TED talks. A diverse range of speakers are given five minutes to make an "elevator pitch" for something they are passionate about. The format forces speakers to restrict themselves to the high points and helps to avoid bludgeoning the audience to death with an endless powerpoint presentation.

FnB's chef Charleen Badman admits that the healthy school lunch bandwagon initially didn't appeal to her because she's not all that fond of children. But after watching school kids choke down a lunch of "blue jello and a bagel and cream cheese," she decided to take action herself. Now she's calling on local chefs to adopt a school lunch and help improve the quality and healthiness of food throughout our entire school system.

Dwayne Allen, the Spirit Program Director of The Rum Bar, takes us through the exciting and illuminating history of rum and makes the case for rum being a uniquely American drink. Along the way he manages to teach us more about rum than we thought you could know about rum.

Zach Garcia is an amateur chef who loves his bacon and more than that, he loves making bacon. Lucky for us, he's willing to give us short version of how to prepare and smoke your own bacon at home.

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