Three Things to Eat, Drink, and Bake this Weekend

Weekend time.

Come tomorrow, I'm going to be out and about enjoying the first weekend of spring -- hittin' the farmers markets and chowin' down on tons of awesome food. What are your plans for this beautiful weekend?

Eat This: Tons of BBQ at the Chandler BBQ Festival -- This Saturday, get your butt out to Chandler for the Third Annual Great American BBQ and Beer Festival. There will be plenty of activities for the kiddos and plenty of great beer and barbecue for the big kids (adults). Almost 30 barbecue joints will be dishing up the 'Q including Tom's, Honey Bears, and the Q Up Truck. Admission is just $10 per person and includes five BBQ samples. Click here for more info.

Drink This: Papago Elsie Stout -- Oh. My.God. This is good stuff. The slightly sweet milk stout is packed with huge coffee flavors and irresistible Irish cream notes. I could seriously drink this stuff for breakfast. In fact, I might. Get over to Papago Brewing Co. this weekend and grab yourself a glass of my new favorite beer.

Bake This: Mocha Toffee Almond Fudge Cookies -- Put these incredibly decadent chocolate cookies on your weekend to do list. They're packed full of crunchy almond bits, sweet toffee pieces, tons of chocolate chips, and they're freakin' huge! Check out the recipe here.

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