Battle of the Dishes

Three-Way Taqueria Showdown: El Guerrerense, Don Beto and Yaqui

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In This Corner: Taqueria El Guerrerense

The Setting: Your eyes are instantly attracted to the bright Aztec-style murals that cover the exterior of this taqueria. They have a simple outdoor eating area that is usually filled with people when it's not over 100 degrees outside. As you step inside, you find that Guerrerense is more than a taco shop, but also a mini panaderia and a convenience store where snacks, huarache sandals and hand-held fans are for sale. Not only are tacos on the menu, but you can also choose from menudo, burritos, pozole, tortas and sopes. Meat selections for tacos include asada, pastor, pollo, birria, cabeza and tripas for an additional 50 cents.

The Good: We ordered three tacos: asada, pollo and al pastor. The tacos come with shreds of fresh romaine and diced onion, with a lime wedge and salsa on the side. The meat was spilling out of our tacos, which is always a good sign. The pollo in the taco came in thick shreds as opposed to chunks of chicken. And the meat was well marinated and so moist there was no need for salsa. Next, the al pastor gave us much of the same reaction. It was flavorful and cooked just right.

The Bad: The asada taco was a disappointment. It was dry and the only flavor we got out from it was burned charcoal. Not even layering salsa on top could edge out the distasteful flavor.

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Natalie Miranda