Tilted Kilt Grand Opening in Peoria

By Jonathan McNamara

That's right, Peoria. No longer must you venture forth to a sports bar to watch the game and head to a restaurant to get decent food. You can do both things in one place surrounded by like-minded football fanatics. The twelfth Tilted Kilt in the country is now open in Peoria.

During the grand opening on Saturday, September 6, there was nary an empty seat. Mouths concentrated on munching fried delicacies while all eyes remained glued to the rows of massive monitors hanging from the ceillings.

The "Sloppy Jane" sandwich

What did we sample? Many things. The stand out items were the roasted garlic french fries and "Sloppy Jane" roast beef sandwich. The latter was topped with cole slaw and thousand island dressing and was about as tasty as it was messy.

How do I choose?

Fans of the Tilted Kilt in Tempe will (should they make the drive to Peoria) find that there's not much different at the new location.

There is an emphasis on authenticity at the Tilted Kilt. Scott Oliver, the company's executive director, pointed out the wood flooring, decor and handmade pieces made for the Kilt in the vein of old world pubs. It's nice if you have a company rep. giving you a guided tour, but when Irish wood flooring is lying a few feet away from a Brave Heart movie poster, the effect is lost.

Despite the fact that we were sitting in a chain bar/restaurant, there were moments when the room watched an ASU player get sacked and groaned in unison. One table would tell a joke and the laughter seemed to get passed around the room. Tilted Kilt is a chain, but that doesn't stop it from being a pretty happening place to hang out.

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