Toast to Your Health With the First Acai Berry Spirit

OK so no alcohol is really healthy for you (despite our best efforts to convince ourselves otherwise), but VeeV is just about the closest booze can get to nutritious because its main ingredient is one of the world's healthiest foods.

The Acai Berry craze has been going strong for several years, but VeeV is the first alcoholic beverage made from the antioxidant superfruit.

These berries grow in the Brazilian Rainforest, where they are harvested and combined with prickly pear and acerola cherry, two other mega-healthy fruits, to create Veev's unique, dark berry taste.

If the superfood content isn't enough to make you feel good about the product, VeeV also donates $1 for every bottle sold back to the Brazilian Rainforest; and the company uses recycled paper, soy inks and other recycled materials in as much of its packaging as possible.

According to the Web site, Veev is best served neat, on the rocks with a plash of soda and lime, or in one of the many signature cocktails listed on the site.

You can buy your own bottle o' "superbooze" at Bevmo, or order it at My Florist, FEZ, American Junkie, The Vig and several other local fancy spots in the Valley.

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