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Today: Phoenix Public Market Spotlights Refugee Farmers for World Refugee Day

Phoenix Public Market will, in addition to its normal lineup, host refugee farmers, businesses, and artists from 4 to 8 p.m. today at its open-air market. Today is World Refugee Day, and this event is intended not only to highlight the difficulties faced by refugees but also celebrate the good that they bring into communities.

Beyond the produce, there will be a number of local refugee-owned restaurants offering samples and meals. Notably, this is an excellent opportunity to check out the Uzbek restaurant that New Times food critic Laura Hahnefeld generally found to her liking, Golden Valley . The event also will feature music and martial arts performances from as far afield as Bhutan, Turkmenistan, and Burundi. Don't worry, we had to look some of those up, too.

We spoke with the market's Dan Klocke on Monday and he says that Phoenix Public Market usually hosts two or three refugee farmers weekly, but this time, people can expect 20 to 25 additional vendors. He says that the market coordinates with the International Rescue Committee to help local refugee farmers sell their products. Klocke indicated he was excited to host so many vendors, because refugees "bring a lot to the table."

Many of the farmers present today are part of the International Rescue Committee's "New Roots" program. Here's a video explaining what the program does here in Phoenix.

And here is the flyer for the event:

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