Let these people fuss all over you: FnB's Pavle Milic and Charleen Badman.
Let these people fuss all over you: FnB's Pavle Milic and Charleen Badman.

Tomorrow: FnB Does an Early Bird Special

I've been one of those lucky night owls who've enjoyed FnB's late-night specials too many times to count.

Starting at 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, the happening Old Town restaurant does wallet-friendly specials for industry peeps and foodniks who get the urge to eat chef Charleen Badman's chilaquiles or pho or brisket after some folks have gone to bed. Libations are involved, too.

But why shouldn't early birds get in on the action? That's what Badman decided when one of her favorite guests mentioned that she wished FnB could do something along the lines of a late-night special, only on the early side of the evening.

So tomorrow, from 5 to 6 p.m., she's doing a hell of a meal for just ten bucks: fried chicken, succotash, green goddess dressing, and biscuits. Although I've never had her fried chicken, she does have a special talent for serving extra-tasty bird (I love FnB's jidori), and it's already well known what a distinctive touch she has with seasonal vegetables.

I really ought to stop writing, because I'm making myself hungry now.

On a related note, Milic and Badman have been busy scheduling events for the next few months, and it's all on their online calendar. Plan accordingly!


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