Tonight: Full Moon Social at J&G Steakhouse

The new year is the perfect occasion for launching a new monthly cocktail party at J&G Steakhouse, where the gorgeous patio on top of The Phoenician is a prime spot to be a moon worshipper. 

That's right, you can howl at the full moon in style at the restaurant's Full Moon Social, which debuts tonight at 5:30 p.m. (and it's a good idea to be prompt, so you get the best view of the sunset).

$30 gets you delicious craft cocktails and luxurious nibbles (read on for the full menu), plus that to-die-for atmosphere. Each month, there will be a different theme inspired by the "Five C's" of Arizona, and tonight's is citrus -- perfect timing! Call 480-214-8000 for reservations.

Upcoming events are scheduled for Friday, February 18, Saturday, March 19, and Monday, April 18.


§  Arizona "Winter Harvest" Punch

§  Yuzu Lemon Drop

§  Grapefruit Gimlet


§  Chicken Samosas

§  Lobster Roll

§  Shrimp Satays

§  Jalapeno Aged Cheddar Fritter

§  Beef Skewers Thai Basil Emulsion 

§  Tuna Tartare (served in a Chinese spoon)

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Michele Laudig
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