Tonight: Posh Hosts Chef Aaron May and Writer Megan Finnerty

It's sort of like musical chairs, isn't it?

At Posh's Monday "Chef for a Night" dinners, chef-owner Joshua Hebert lets someone else into the kitchen to come up with the night's offerings.

And at tonight's event, that someone is chef Aaron May, who'll be stepping away from his other joints -- Iruna, Mabel's on Main, 18 Degrees, The Lodge, Over Easy, and Vitamin T -- to devise a three-course meal, available from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Joining him will be one of my writer friends, the Republic's Megan Finnerty, who's accustomed to writing about nightlife, but for this occasion wrote the clever cocktail menu to be paired with May's dishes. (Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she also styles the staff's outfits and picks out the soundtrack for the night as well!)


The three-course menu is $29 per person; cocktails are not included in the cost. Tonight's menu features garlic frog legs with mustard and Maytag Bleu cheese (pauired with a classic French 75), duck leg salmis with creamy polenta and braised cardoons (paired with a cranberry, orange and red wine marmalade cockatail), and espresso flan with hazelnuts and roasted bananas (paired with a Hazlenut Rye Flip).

Call 480-663-7674 for reservations.

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