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Tonto Bar & Grill's Saguaro Menu and Chocolate Margarita's in Today's Eater's Digest

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Saguaro Extravaganza

Have you ever experienced the sweet fruit of the mighty saguaro cactus? Yeah, we didn't think so. Well here's your chance. On July 9th, the folks from the Tonto Bar & Grill in Cave Creek teamed up with the Desert Foothills Land Trust for a very special saguaro fruit harvest. Once the ruby red fruits hit the kitchen they will be transformed into magical sauces, dressings and tarts. Experience Arizona-grown field greens tossed in saguaro fruit vinaigrette with saguaro seed croutons, mesquite wood-grilled salmon with a saguaro fruit and agave nectar glaze, or even a saguaro fruit and strawberry granite served with saguaro seed and anise cookies. Menu items will change frequently and will be available for lunch and dinner starting today, July 12th, through July 30th at the rustic restaurant. Ten percent of all saguaro plates sold will be donated to the land trust to help the organization protect our beautiful desert. Click here for more details.

Chocolate Margarita
You can only improve a Monday with a margarita and if you can somehow work chocolate into the equation -- even better. We plan on finishing our day off with an oreo cookie rim, fresh cream, chocolate syrup and plenty of tequila. You should give this chocolate margarita a whirl, too -- we're pretty sure you won't regret it.

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