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Tony Abou-Ganim & Adam Seger: On Vodka, Vermouth, and Cocktail Culture in Russia

Chef Salad takes a detour this week, interviewing three more of the country's leading beverage industry experts, all of whom are participants in the second annual AZ Cocktail Week, which started this past weekend and runs through February 22. Seminars are held in the Sands Room at the Hotel Valley Ho.

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If you missed Adam Seger's seminar on Dear Beer Cocktails yesterday, you can read his thoughts on vermouth and craft spirits right here today. Tony Abou-Ganim will be conducting a seminar on The Joy of Vodka today at 5 p.m. at the Hotel Valley Ho. H. Joseph Ehrmann will also conduct a seminar today at 3 p.m. on Craft Distillers and Artisanal Spirits. Same location. Read his interview here tomorrow.

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Nikki Buchanan