Top 10 Craft Beers for Pussies

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6. Foret, Brasserie Dupont - The Foret is a Belgian Saison ale that arrives in a bottle with cutesy drawings of unicorns and puppies. It's a light farmhouse ale with just a of sweetness. A good beer for getting in touch with your feminine side.

5. Avant Garde, Lost Abby - Avant Garde looks like a real beer and smells like a real beer but tastes like a sissy beer. Don't be thrown off by the hoppy aroma, none of that shines through in the taste. It's pretty boring, but you'll look cool drinking it.

4. Hoegaarden,Hoegaarden - A nice Belgium witbeir. Easy drinking with just a hint of lemon. It's imported through Anheuser-Busch the same people that bring you your precious Bud Light.

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