Top 10 Foodie Movies: Where Film and Food Collide

The Oscars are Sunday and Meryl Streep has a nomination for Best Actress for her portrayal of Julia Child in Julie and Julia. Looking for other great films where food preparation and eating are central themes? Time to eat, drink and watch movies. 

10. Chocolat (2000): Ok, so this one may be overrated but c'mon, a mother and daughter move to an uptight French town, the mother (Juliette Binoche) makes magical chocolates and the love interest is a river-rat Johnny Depp. Oh yeah! Plus, this film was nominated for 5 Oscars including Best Picture. 

9. Big Night (1996): The story of two Italian brothers, Primo and Secondo, who are fighting to keep their New Jersey restaurant from bankruptcy. They risk it all on a flamboyant feast for Louis Prima. No Oscars, but Big Night was nominated for the Grand Jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Stanley Tucci. 

1. Tampopo (1987): Like a great super hero story, or "noodle-western". A young widow, who owns a small Japanese noodle shop in Tokyo, goes on a quest to make the perfect bowl of ramen. Her "coach" is Goro, a truck driver, who first criticizes her cooking, then pushes her toward greatness. Both outrageous and hilarious. Won two Awards of the Japanese Academy.

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