Top 5 Foods to Sneak Into a Movie Theater

With the Oscars less than a month away, you might want to start catching up on your movie watching; and there's no better place than the theater to get the full cinematic experience.

Unfortunately, the food selection at most movie theaters (especially if you're catching up on the second-run films) can be somewhat less-than-optimal. While incredibly overpriced popcorn and boxed candy works just fine for some, chances are that anyone on a budget or a healthy diet has to take matters into her own hands.

Sneaking food into the movie theater is as American as apple pie (or going to the "cinema" for that matter). Not sure where to begin? Try some of these delicious food options that slip easily into a purse, pocket or "murse" (man purse).

5. Brownies

Gooey chocolatey squares make even the worst movie (i.e. anything with Jason Biggs in it) tolerable. If you don't have time to make 'em at home (and who does, really?) pick up the pre-made variety from your local mega-mart.

4. Dry Cereal

Remember when Mom used to pack plastic baggies full of dry cereal in case you got cranky while "helping" her run errands? Time to make her proud. You can fill said baggie with healthy cereal like shredded wheat, or go all devil-may-care with a Fruit Loops/Lucky Charms/Cinnamon Toast Crunch party mix. Milk optional.

3. Hummus

A good healthy dip trumps soggy, overpriced nachos any day. You can find hummus in a variety of flavors at any grocery store, and it doesn't need to stay cold either. You can pair it with pitas or chips, both of which should fit nicely into even a non-hobo bag.

2. Soup

Mmm ... there's nothing like a warm cup of soup and a good film to make you forget that you overdrew your checking account by $300 or got flashed by a speeding camera while picking your nose. When it comes to sneaking in soup, Mom knows best (again); it's all about the thermos. If you don't have one, a good-sized flask can work as long as you're talkin' tomato and not stew. Done properly, a deep pocket will disguise the goods.

1. Ice Cream

OK this one can be tricky (for obvious reasons) but so very worth it when properly executed. The easiest way to sneak this one in is by picking up a pint at the gas station en route to the theater (make sure to reach all the way to the back of the freezer to grab the coldest one).

Once you go pro, you may even be able to sneak in your own delicious ice cream concoction by choosing a theater adjacent to a Cold Stone Creamery (Tempe Marketplace, ya'll) or other retail ice cream establishment. They'll happily stick a to-go lid on it so you don't blow your cover (or ruin your purse). Don't forget the plasticware!

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