"Top Chef: The Tour" Rolled Through Tempe Marketplace. Who Won?

Bravo's Top Chef Tour rolled into Tempe Marketplace Friday for its fifth annual live cooking competition.

Tempe was the 10th stop on the 19-city tour where Bravo's "chef'testants" Richard Sweeney (Season 5) and Ryan Scott (Season 4) went head-to-head in an interactive food competition.

The free event included several games, prizes, and plenty of opportunities for pictures and autographs with the "Top Chefs."

Check out the full Top Chef: The Tour slideshow.

Fan's of the show even got the chance to judge the food cooked up by Sweeney and Scott. The all-ages event also had plenty of games to keep everyone entertained.

Sweeney and Scott each had 10 minutes to create their best dishes from 10 pre-selected ingredients, which the three official judges (including one audience member) critiqued.

But the three judges weren't the only ones who got to taste the culinary delights. For the first time in the competition, according to organizers, the entire audience got to take part in the best part: The eating.

When all was said and done, and the judges had their chance to critique the food, Scott was crowned the winner. Both chefs took time to sign autographs from the crowd gathered at the Cox Solutions store at Tempe Marketplace.

Now what would be really cool is if Bravo created a cooking show where prominent chefs had to cook their best dishes on Phoenix's scorching pavement during the height of summer. That would be something we'd watch.

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