Top Five Beers for the Road

Yes, you read that right. Beer for the road -- a.k.a. Road Sodas. Seriously, it's road trip season and what makes road trips more fun? Beer, duh.

Okay before you freak out, we're not talking about drinking beer while operating a vehicle (that means driving), we're talking about road sodas for the passengers.  Got it? P-a-s-s-e-n-g-e-r-s, not driver.

Okay, back to the road sodas.

We like Urban Dictionary's definition --

Road Soda - An alcoholic beverage (usually beer or perhaps malt liquor) consumed inside a moving vehicle. This beverage can be consumed by passenger, driver, or both. Road sodas are illegal in most states due to open container laws. Still, they are widely enjoyed as evidenced by all the beer cans littering rural roadsides.

Let's grab a six pack before we leave, there's nowhere to stop on the way and it's a boring trip without any road sodas.

Time to count down our top five beers for road.

5. Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema -  Anderson Valley Brewing really hit the nail on the head of summer with this brew. Light and fruity with hints of vanilla and caramel and one of the smoothest finishes we have ever tasted,  this is not your typical cream ale. Plus, look at the label. That's enough to motivate us to get out of town.

4. Anything by Oskar Blues - We're such big fans of everything that comes out of Colorado Brewery Oskar Blues it was hard to pick just one. So we picked them all. From the beloved Dale Pale to the extremely light beginner beer Mama's Little Yella Pils, grab a six pack and hit the road in style. Maybe stay away from the Ten Fidy -- 10.5% ABV usually leads to premature sleepy time.

3. Tecate - Oh, stop your groaning. We can't drink craft beer all the time. Sometimes you need something light, refreshing and Mexican. Especially if your time on the road leads you to Rocky Point or San Diego. The reason Tecate wins over the other cheap cans -- it roughly resembles a can of Coca-Cola. Don't forget to pre-cut the limes!

2. Purple Haze - The fruit beer, not the cannabis. This one is for the ladies. Abita Brewing Co's raspberry wheat beer actually tastes kinda like soda. The perfectly carbonated, sweet stuff is crisp, bursting with raspberries and totally enjoyable. At only 4% AVB it won't get you completely shitface so you can still enjoy the scenery.

1. Wilco Tango Foxtrot - Otherwise known as WTF. This is California based Lagunitas' best beer to date (argue away, we're not budging on this) and we wouldn't leave the house without it. The floral hops mingle well with hints of chocolate and strong caramel malts. For a 7.8% ABV, this brew is surprisingly drinkable and you'll probably wish you would have brought along more then one bomber for your trip. Great a long trip through the Arizona desert, when there is nothing to see and beer induced napping is the way to go.

OR you could always stop by your local brewery and pick up a growler or two of your fave. They fit in a cooler, they're resealable and refillable. See where we're going with this? You can refill it at various brewery stops on your trip and even bring back a "souvenir" so long as you don't get thirsty on your way back.

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