Top Restaurants Where Cheating Spouses Like to Eat/Cheat in Greater Phoenix

Where do cheaters like to cheat when they want a meal with their extramarital rendezvous?

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According to a survey conducted by, a hook-up site for married people looking to cheat, creepers follow the creeper code of "don't shit where you eat," or in this case, "don't f*ck around at your favorite neighborhood eatery" when it comes to selecting restaurants.

In the infidelity website's survey of 42,890 of their members in major American cities, they found their cheaters prefer their trysts take place at popular chain restaurants that are at least 20 miles from their homes.

"Chain restaurants are larger and less conspicuous," says the site's founder and CEO Noel Biderman in a press release. "Steak houses are always a popular affair destination since they're not only dimly lit but also commonly found in business districts, close to hotels where the these type of dates typically end."

That said, here are the top 10 chain restaurants for cheaters:

1.) Morton's Steakhouse 2.) Ruth's Chris 3.) Houston's 4.) P.F. Chang's 5.) The Cheesecake Factory 6.) Del Frisco's 7.) Chili's 8.) Outback Steakhouse 9.) Red Lobster 10.) Fleming's

And, hey, never let it be said creepers don't support the local dining scene. According to the survey, the website's cheaters listed the following as their favorite places to have an extramarital affair in the Valley:

- Talavera - Durant's - Pane Bianco - Macayos - Z'Tejas

The survey goes on to say the most preferred time of the week for restaurant hook-ups is before 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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