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Trefoil Cookie Showdown: Trifle

Got some Girl Scout cookies sitting around? So did we. Hence, the Trefoil Cookie Showdown.

There's something perverse, or at least ironic, in combining Girl Scout cookies and liquor.  So I did it.

Instead of using lemon pound cake in layers for my usual trifle, I substituted Girl Scout Trefoils, an unvarnished version of shortbread pushed by Brownies and GS's nationwide.   Here's all you have to do to create this unusual dessert:

Make two small packages of instant pudding with cold milk per package instructions - the flavor is up to you.  I used cheesecake flavor, but the less adventurous might want to go with vanilla, French vanilla or some other less exotic concoction. 

Layer Trefoils on the bottom of a footed trifle dish or any glass serving dish through which you can see the layers you'll be building.  Sprinkle with cream sherry (had I had some Framboise, a raspberry liqueur, around, I would have used that; on top of the cookie layer, spread a thin layer of raspberry preserves, then top with pudding.  Repeat the layer ritual until the serving dish is almost full, leaving room for a layer of whipped cream on top.  Refrigerate. 

Just before serving, top with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.  Don't do what I did and put the whipped cream and berries on ahead of time.  The cream will puddle on you and you will spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning up the drippy sides of the dish before you allow everyone to dig in.




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Kathleen Vanesian