Turf Accountant for Under $10

We've been to Turf Accountant (705 N. First St.) several times to drink and watch bands, but we hadn't eaten there until recently. We went to watch the Arizona Cardinals have a horrible loss this past weekend, and even though the game was disappointing, the food was good...and cheap.

The selection at the downtown Phoenix spot includes typical bar fare, with some Irish pub grub, too, such as the boxty.

We started with fried mushrooms ($5.95), which weren't as generous a portion or as crispy as we would have liked. The mushrooms were plump and juicy, though, and that made them delish.

Like the mushrooms, the cheese quesadilla ($5.95) was a small serving, but we loved the green tortilla because it was perfectly crisped. It went well with our small dinner salad ($3.25), with carrots and cabbage.

Our pal got the Cobb Salad ($7.25), a huge serving of chicken, bacon, avocado and eggs. It looked great, and for the price, seemed like a deal.

The downside to our dining experience was the bad service. We understand there were a ton of people in the bar watching the game, but there seemed to be only two servers in the entire restaurant. Understandably, it's hard to juggle so many tables, and the restaurant should have had a bigger staff on a game day.

The Turf also features a breakfast menu Saturday-Monday with omelets, pancakes and more. For more info, log on to www.theturfpub.com.

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