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Flipping through the new issue of Gourmet magazine last night, I noticed a promo section for an upcoming PBS show called The Endless Feast, and get this: Maya Dailey from the Farm at South Mountain is featured in it. Way to go, Maya! I gather this was filmed at the special dinner sponsored by the local Slow Food chapter last fall.

This kind of exposure is way overdue. I'm sick of Phoenix getting passed over time and time again by the national media spotlight, not only in regards to our culinary scene, but culture in general. People who've never been here must think we're all about serial killers and blood-sucking vampire chicks. Meanwhile, folks who'd be celebrities if they lived in NYC or LA are unsung talent in these parts. No wonder Phoenix sometimes feels like a small town instead of a big city.

I just hope KAET actually airs this series. The last time I got excited about a TV show pimped in the pages of Gourmet -- an edgy-looking, international take on culinary trends, called Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie -- it turned out the thing wasn't even going to be shown on the local station. Like with everything else, I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD.

As for The Endless Feast, I'm crossing my fingers. It's supposed to air in April...

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Michele Laudig
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