Two New Tempe Coffee Delivery Services Promise Cold Brew on Your Doorstep

Although coffee delivery has picked up in other cities, it wasn't until just recently that the Valley received its first two options right around the same time. Both offer subscription-based coffee services -- specifically, growlers or 500 ml thermoses of cold brew -- in the Tempe area, limited to the 85281 zip code. If you live in the area, that's good news for you because you can sign up for Silent Flight or Mutual Goods cold brew delivery service, depending on which you like better.

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While I love the ambiance of getting work done at a coffee shop, I'll be honest that I am also sometimes a curmudgeon and a hermit, especially before coffee. If given the option to rarely to never leave my house and still get a great cup of brewed coffee without the mess of dripping filters of coffee grinds, I'd definitely at least try a coffee delivery service.

Unfortunately for me, I don't live in 85281 anymore so I can't get Silent Flight delivered. I also don't live in what my friends used to refer as "Hipster Compton," which is the little pocket of downtown Tempe east of Priest Drive, west of Mill Avenue, south of Tempe Town Lake, and north of Broadway Road. That's the exact place you can get Mutual Goods coffee at your doorstep.

Admittedly, the delivery area is small, but Mutual Goods delivers everything by bicycle on Sundays at 4 a.m. Silent Flight, according to their promotional video, delivers via an old mini-van also on Sunday morning. From there, the two painfully hip services become more dissimilar, I promise.

Silent Flight is a combined effort between Coffee Reserve roaster Perry Czopp, Giant Coffee's lead barista Cherisse Teeple, and Echo Coffee's barista Suzy Lippmann. Czopp and Teeple both recently returned from training in San Fransisco at Four Barrel Coffee, which Giant uses in house. Czopp roasts the beans for the cold brew using Ethiopian Danch Meng beans.

Mutual Goods, on the other hand, is the work of Ash Ponders, who is recently more of an avid local coffee enthusiast. That's why he's using Cartel roasts, the not yet released to the public Nom de Plume roasts (though it is available at Crepe Bar in Tempe too), and promises "more complicated options over the coming months." However, he has worked as a barista in town at different spots and has even taken trips to coffee farms in Central America. Regardless, he must have some insane connections because his pricing is kind of amazing.

You might be able to chock it up to the fact that Mutual Goods' by bike delivery saves on gas money, but the service is actually cheaper than most coffee shops. When the service goes to full release in a week or so, Cartel-based cold brew delivered via Mutual Goods will run $3.50 for 18 ounces and $12 for 64 ounces, with a bottle deposit for the refillable thermoses they use.

The pricing for Silent Flight is quite a bit steeper with a 64-ounce growler being $25 for monthly subscribers and $22.50 for bi-monthly or weekly subscribers. Silent Flight also has a refundable bottle deposit for their refillable growlers.

In terms of taste, I honestly have yet to try either since they're both brand spankin' new and won't deliver to non-Tempeans, though I'm sure with the quality and experience on either side, they'll both be pretty good. Czopp says his goal for Silent Flight was to "provide the convenience of not having to leave your home to obtain the highest quality cup of coffee."

If you're interested in a subscription or one-time delivery for either service, you can check out the Silent Flight website and the Mutual Goods website to get signed up. And, if you don't live in Hipster Compton, you can hang out at coffee shops with me and other humans until someone snags the idea for other spots around the Valley. Or you can make cold brew at home. It's pretty easy.

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