Ty Largo Dishes On His Mom's Fry Bread, Tongue and Salad

In honor of Mother's Day -- and stove-slaving moms everywhere -- this week we will present What Mom Made, Q&As with some Valley sons and daughters, who dish about their home-cooked favorites (as well as some flops). First up, Ty Largo, a 20-something marketing/PR firm owner in Tempe who writes his own food blog, JuxtaPalate. He spoke about his mom, Teresa Pasillas. 

What is the best dish your mother ever made?
Fry bread was always a treat. Crisp, chewy fried dough sometimes served as a
taco with beans and cheese. Holy shit that was good. I'm still perfecting my own technique.

What is the worst dish your mother ever made?

(get the scoop after the jump)

Beef tongue. Who gives a kid a giant hunk of some animal's mouthparts? Nothing more disgusting than tongue-on-tongue action with the large, rubbery taste buds of another species. Yikes... someone call PETA and CPS.

Tell us your earliest memory of going out to eat with your family.
Way back in 1st grade, we moved into a tiny apartment near 83rd Avenue and
Indian School Road. A Pancho's Mexican Buffet (now closed) was next door and
we ate there at least once a week. Loved it. Raise the flag for more sopapillas!

How has your mother influenced you as a cook?
Honestly, I can't say she's really influenced my cooking (love you mom!) I will say that I inherited her obsession with food presentation. We have a budget just for table decor in my house. Sandra Lee ain't got shit on Mom and I.

What is one thing you do differently than your mom, when it comes to food?
Salads. She sticks to a bland mix iceberg lettuce, carrots and ranch. When I'm asked to bring a salad to family functions, I'm always warned, "Don't bring one of those "interesting salads." By "interesting" she means salads that weren't suffocated in a plastic bag. Again, love you mom!

What is your mom's favorite dish?
I texted my tech-savvy mom who sent this cryptic response: "Lobstr or lobstr alfredo or chicken alfredo and lov garlic stuffed olives."

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