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U-Call-It Lobster, Labor Day Clam Bake and Apple Bacon Fritters in Today's Eater's Digest

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Seafood Weekend
Hooray for three day weekends! Hopefully you don't have to work and can enjoy an extra day off, but if you do have to work, there are two special dinners this weekend that should put you in good spirits.

First up, Eddie's House is hosting a "U-Call-It Lobster Special" this weekend. Tonight and tomorrow night you can enjoy a fresh Main Lobster with corn, potatoes and slaw for only $23 per person. Even better you get to choose how you want it cooked. Broiled, steamed, or even fried, it's your choice! Arrive early and hit the bar for a glass of Watermelon Sangria. Reservations can be made by calling 480-946-1622.

Second, Fred's at Scottsdale Fashion Square is hosting a New England Clam Bake. Friday, Saturday and Monday from open to close, enjoy a an east coast tradition with clams, lobster rolls, fried oysters, and, of course, buckets of beer! The Clam Bake (clams, lobster, mussels, more clams, potatoes,sausage and corn on the cob) will run you $26 plus tax and gratuity. Throw in a bucket of Four Peaks Kiltlifter for an additional $16. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 602-337-6111.

Breakfast Bacon Fritters

These Apple Bacon Fritters are the furthest thing from healthy but it's a three day weekend and tomorrow is National Bacon Day (finally). Yummy dough with big chunks of bacon and apples are tossed into hot oil and fried to a golden brown. Top them off with Maple Bacon Glaze for a breakfast treat with all 5 food groups. Bacon, fruit, butter, sugar, and booze. Enjoy! 

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