Upcoming Kitchen Nightmares Special on Amy's Baking Company Will Focus on Restaurant's Effect on Community (See: SIGH)

Autumn isn't official until the first leaf falls from the shit-show tree, which means the now-infamous Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale is back in the news.

Following up on the best/worst episode ever of Fox's Kitchen Nightmares, in which Gordon Ramsay walks out on high-strung owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, show producers have returned to the city where it all began to tape a follow-up special on Amy's Baking Company's impact on the community.

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"Since Amy's became a huge Internet sensation, we want to get the views from people around the community," a producer of the show told me. He went on to say that the special was not intended to be a follow-up to the original Kitchen Nightmares episode, that Gordon Ramsay would not be involved, and that the show would not include revisiting Amy's Baking Company or interviews with owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo.

Taping for the special took place on Tuesday, September 24. The producer could not say when the episode would air on Fox.

In the meantime, more "reality" shit-show fodder continues at Amy's Baking Company. According to the restaurant's Facebook page (the real one), Amy's is currently hiring/casting/humiliating servers and bussers for the "upcoming filming of our Reality TV show!" Interested? Send a résumé and photo to amysbakingco@gmail.com.

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