Urban Beans' Double Espresso

Urban Beans is one of those hip hangouts where it's worth nursing a coffee for two hours. The walls are covered in local art (everything from abstract butterflies to realistic portraits), and there are tons of windows for people-watching. There's also a shaded patio outside, but who wants to sit outside in the heat when it smells so good inside?

One whiff of the heady roasts brewing at Urban Bean is enough to wake you up, but for a real energy boost, we recommend the double espresso.

The double espresso looks like a thick, dark syrup, with a layer of caramel-colored froth on top. It smells very potent, and one could probably just inhale the aroma for a decent buzz.

This isn't a drink big on taste -- unless you like the taste of mud-like coffee -- so we recommend downing it in one shot, and chasing it with some water. Then, you'll be ready to run a marathon, or at least run circles around your cubicle.

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