U.S. Taco Co., Fancy New Taco Bell Concept: Blame Instagram

That's right, ya bunch of "foodies." Taco Bell's new attempt as cashing in on the upscale street taco trend is set to open this summer in Huntington Beach. However, the menu at U.S. Taco Co., which includes some interesting looking milkshakes, beer, and french fries for some reason, also has tacos priced as high as $7.

It's hard to imagine this concept surviving in a place like Phoenix with our already overabundant supply of cheap and authentic street tacos. And just how does Taco Bell justify those steep prices?

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According to TIME, Jeff Jenkins, a senior brand manager at Taco Bell, says that the times are a-changin' and Taco Bell is ready to dip their toes into the over-priced food market because your hip cell phone pictures prove that you're willing to shell out for it.

"We realized that at Taco Bell we weren't reaching all of those who want Mexican food," says Jenkins. "Everyone in the U.S. has become a foodie. The first thing young people do in a restaurant is take out their camera and take a picture of their food -- and post it on Instagram."

The TIME article says U.S. Taco Co. has ten planned taco options, one of which has lobster and another brisket, but we're holding out for the $25 gordita supreme with gold-encrusted chorizo and foie gras.

No word yet on when we can expect to see a Phoenix-area U.S. Taco Co., which makes you feel like your stuttering when said aloud, but we're guessing if our market couldn't support an amazing, inexpensive taqueria like Tacos Atoyac, then there won't be a U.S. Taco Co. for long.

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