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Happy Valentine's Day!
Sweet! It's Finally Valentine's Day. After today we can take a much needed break from pink cupcakes, pink heart cookies, pink cheesecakes and the color pink in general for about a year.

We hope you made your dinner plans, but if you are planning a nice night at home but still don't have a clue what to make, Chow Bella can help. Check out resident chef Carol Blonder's Valentine's Day Bistro Dinner or make your very own Wei of Chocolate Flourless Chocolate Cake.

For the less experienced chef, try the Virgin Chef's V-Day Threesome. Her bleeding heart cupcakes are sure to impress your sweetie!

And if you're on a budget, Thrifty Cook's Valentine's Day Comfort Dinner features baked mac and cheese and apple crusted meatloaf. Two classic hits!

However you are spending your day of love , Happy Valentine's Day from Chow Bella!

Valentine's Day at Home and Strawberries in Today's Eater's Digest

Who Wants Strawberries?
Don't have time to make a fancy Valentine's Day dessert? Whip up this little number with just a couple ingredients you can grab on your way home. Ricotta cheese topped with fresh strawberries sweetened with maple syrup would be a great ending to any Valentine's Day meal. Enjoy!

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