Vegan Candy Bars Make Snacking Seem Justifiable

It really wasn't the "vegan" label that turned me on to these candy bars -- I just liked the wrappers.

But then I looked past the graphics to read the print, and realized that these babies are "dairy-free, vegan, no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, nothing artificial." Besides that, all the ingredients are sustainably sourced. Really? How can anything with all of those redeeming qualities actually taste like a guilty pleasure?

I ate all three of them, and they were shockingly good -- sweet and chewy and as seemingly naughty as anything you'd find in the wall of candy at Circle K.


Buccaneer was a chunk of soft, fluffy "chocolatey" nougat covered in rice-milk "chocolatey" coating. Good stuff, hitting the same spot as a Three Muscateers bar (and hence the name, I assume). Mahalo contained chewy coconut and roasted almonds inside "chocolatey" coating. Again, this hit the sugar button in my brain and was much more enjoyable that expected. And Jokerz was my favorite, with caramel, nougat, and peanuts.

I'll be stocking up on these treats at Smeeks, the only place in town I've seen 'em.



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