Vegan in a Hurry: Trader Joe's Spicy Lentil Wrap

We're pretty sure no one has the time to make three meals every day from scratch, but it can be a real challenge to find healthy, good quality convenience foods, especially when dietary restrictions are added to the equation. So, we're keeping an eye out in the grocery stores to see which vegan packaged foods make a great lunch or snack, and we'll also warn you to steer clear of the tasteless, overpriced ones.


Of course, you can grab some pita and hummus to quickly munch on, but why not shoot for something even better, like Trader Joe's Spicy Lentil Wrap? For $3.99, this is a pretty good value. It's enough food to fill you up, and if you're a light eater, this wrap could even equal two servings. And, don't let the "spicy" in the name fool you; this wrap doesn't have too much of a kick. Plus, it comes with tahini sauce (sesame paste) to help cut the heat.

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The filling is primarily a red lentil and bulgar mash that's mixed with cumin, onion, red pepper, and parsley. There's shredded cabbage to add crunch, and the lavash wrap is spread with a red pepper paste. This is a pretty tasty wrap, and it's on par with something you'd get at Pita Jungle. With the lentil and bulgar filling, it's also not going to leave you wanting more.

The best part? This is pretty damn healthy. The whole thing is 550 calories, and while it has 22 grams of fat, only 2 grams are saturated fat and there are no trans fats. It has 75 grams of carbs (25% daily value), 10 grams of fiber (40% dv), and 14 grams of protein. There's also 15-30% of Vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron.

If lentils don't do it for you, Trader Joe's also offers a Spicy Eggplant Wrap, which we're assuming is just as good.

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