Veggie Boy Goes To Mexico

By Benjamin Leatherman

A spectacular view of the crystal blue Caribbean Sea from Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula (photo by Jenna Leatherman).

Despite having an ultra-hectic schedule these days, I was fortunate enough to be able to slip off to Cancun with friends and family a few weeks ago for a nice little vacay. Since my sojourn was during the resort town's fall off-season, the hotels and beaches were free of the usual douchebags who flock there during Spring Break and the summertime. As such, we were able to soak up the sun and lounge on the white sands without getting distracted by drunken frat boy antics.

I also brought along my camera and snagged some photos of the some of meat-free dining options I enjoyed while south of the border. (I'm sure I confused the locals when I started photographing my food instead of the usual sand and surf stuff). Here's some food porn-like shots of what I saw (and ate) during my vacay:


The place I was staying at (the Royal Resorts) featured an ample evening buffet with a serious selection of fruits and veggies in addition to the usual Mexican dishes (chicken mole, fajitas, et al.). The one dish I particularly enjoyed was this exotic fruit salad consisting of freshly diced mango, papaya, pineapple, figs, and other delights. 


Captain's Cove, a touristy restaurant across the street from our resort, is situated next to a large lake/lagoon filled with crocodiles. This fella right here is named Pancho (or Willy, I forget which) and feeds on meat that patrons on the outdoor pation throw down into the water. Unfortunately, he wasn't that interested in the linguini alfredo that I ordered. (photo by Jenna Leatherman)

The restaurant also offered some "flaming coffee" for desert made with flamable liquers. The waiters were also calling it "sexy coffee." It was definitely "hot," to say the least (wokka, wokka).

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