Veggie Boy: La Grande Orange

You won't be able to resist La Grande Orange's vegetarian sandwich.

Local vegetarians have described it as "the best they've ever tasted." It's gotten lauded by gourmands across the Internet. And it's something that we're certain even the most die-hard of meat lovers will enjoy.

And the particular "it" in question? The vegetarian sandwich at La Grande Orange (4410 N. 40th St.), which is quite possibly the best of its kind in Phoenix.

Numerous veggie and non-veggie restaurants across the Valley offer similar sammies, but none do it better than the east Phoenix gourmet bakery/eatery/grocery.

The sandwich is served on flavorful focaccia bread that's baked in house and is loaded with caramelized onions and herbs. It's an amply sized (measuring around four or five inches across) allowing LGO's chefs to cram plenty of ingredients inside. We're talking a generous amount of guacamole, mixed greens, Roma tomatoes, and roasted red peppers, not to mention big slices of herbed goat cheese and havarti.

Seriously, it ain't dainty by any means and you'll probably need both hands to hold it together while eating.

On the side, you also get a cup of diced fruit, such as pineapple, melon, grapes and whatnot. It was fresh, but a rather meagerly-sized helping. The veggie sandwich cost a measly $7.25, which is quite a steal considering.

The sorta fragile vegetarian rolls.

LGO also has a few other meatless choices for conscious culinary consumers, such as gourmet pizzas or vegetarian rolls. The latter is made from slices of avocado, carrots, hearts of palms and other green leafy substances. (It also costs $7.25). While being tasty, it seems to fall apart rather quickly if you attempt to pick it up with chopsticks. (Then again, maybe we're doing it wrong).

Follow our advice (and that of other LGO fans across the Interweb) and go for the sammy. We know you'll agree. -- Benjamin Leatherman 

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.