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Video: How to Make Whoopie (Pies, that is)

Whoopie pies are back! This classic dessert has resurfaced in grocery stores and restaurants across the nation, even being named a dessert trend to watch by the NY Times earlier this year. 

So what the heck is a whoopie pie? It's basically creamy white frosting sandwiched between two round, cake-like chocolate cookies. Whoopie pies began with the Pennsylvania-Dutch, likely sometime in the early 1900's. Legend has it that the sweet treat's name came from the exclamation of joy Amish kids would shout when they opened their lunch sacks to find one inside. "Whoopie!"  

If you ever found a Drake's Devil Dog in your Scooby Doo lunchbox as a kid, you probably had a similar experience. (If you don't know what a Devil Dog is, CLICK HERE before we start feeling old. And homesick for the East Coast.)

But back to whoopie pies. Since District American Kitchen is the only eatery in town we could find them at, we scoured the 'net for a recipe so you can make your own at home. We found something even better. A video of makin' whoopies! 


Hannah Kaminsky's step-by-step video on making whoopie pies is perfect for the home chef. She takes everything slow so you can follow along. The video's a little lengthy and Kaminsky isn't exactly an entertainer, but you'll have a great whoopie pie when you're done. Vegan, too! Get the recipe first at so you'll know what to prepare.

If that seems little complex, no worries. You can make a faux version with canned frosting or Marshmallow Fluff and soft chocolate cookies (cheater!). You can purchase Devil Dogs online (sigh). Or better yet, head to District American Kitchen for their Best of Phoenix award-winning pumpkin whoopie pies.

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