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Vincent Guerithault on Wolfgang Puck and Kevin Binkley

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Something always found in your kitchen: Butter.

Something never found in your kitchen: Margarine.

Something always found in your fridge: Cheese and red wine.

Favorite cooking tool/toy and why: Cast iron pans. Food cooks beautifully in them.

Trend or buzzword you wish would go away: Huge portions just to attract customers.

Trend you like: Verrines [a layered compilation of ingredients in a glass]. It's a nice way to present food and they can used for both savory and sweet foods.

Has Vincent's menu/style changed over time?: Yes, our menu has evolved over the years, but there are still some signature dishes that remain -- like our Duck Tamales or Smoked Salmon Quesadillas, which we consider signature dishes. But we've also evolved in our style and presentation to keep people from getting bored and to offer variety and new flavors.

Favorite thing to eat growing up: Ham with mashed potatoes.

Favorite thing to eat now: Anything with foie gras.

Your guilty pleasure: Dove Bars.

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Nikki Buchanan