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Demo & Dinner

If your Friday night plans include a microwave and a trip to the Redbox -- cancel them and take a trip to Cave Creek. Friday, June 3rd,Vino 100 and Chef Stuart Epstein will be preparing and demonstrating a gourmet, yet simple, 4 course dinner. The theme for the night - "The Versatile Noodle". Learn to make Thai noodle soup, lobster ravioli, seared duck breast on crispy fried noodle and cherry almond noodle pudding. At the end of the night guest will be given recipe packets for their at-home cooking pleasure. $50 per person. 602-796-2056 to save your seat. Then next week, you can invite someone over for dinner to show off your new cooking skills.

Vino 100 Cooking Demo & Dinner and Bacon Squares in Today's Eater's Digest

Why didn't we think of this?! The worst thing about having bacon on your sandwich is -- well there is really nothing bad about bacon on a sandwich but it is annoying when it all sides off in one giant strip. Our new favorite resident of Norway, Cheri, came up with this brilliant idea -- Bacon Squares. They fit perfectly on your sandwich and we're positive they will make your BLT taste even better.

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