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Vote Your Favorite Local Restaurant Into Zagat's 2012 Guide

Pissed off that New York, L.A. and Chicago restaurants always get the glory -- and half the entries in most national dining guides -- while Phoenix gets totally ignored (Pizzeria Bianco aside)?

Then put your fingers where your mouth is.

New York-based Zagat, the company behind one of the restaurant industry's most widely-recognizable guidebooks, wants to know about your favorite restaurants. From now until June 12, Zagat is featuring Arizona Top Restaurants as one of four featured surveys on their site. The survey includes about 175 Arizona restaurants, many of which are in the Phoenix metro. We spotted a ton of local favorites, from critically acclaimed eateries such as Binkley's and Pizzeria Bianco to Cibo, Beckett's Table and Gallo Blanco.

The survey itself is pretty simple: You choose a restaurant from the list, rate it from 0-4 on food, decor, and service, and type in a quick graf about your experiences there. Oh, and did we mention there are freebies involved with this survey?

Click through to find out how to score some Zagat swag.   

If your "descriptive, witty and pithy" review makes the Zagat's folks howl with laughter, you could win a $100 gift card in the Witty Surveyor Contest. And even if your wit is as dull as a rusty razor, you'll still get a free copy of the 2012 America's Top Restaurants guide, a Zagat online subscription, or a raffle entry for a $500 sweepstakes if you finish up your survey by June 12.

After that, you can still complete a survey, but the only thing you'll get out of it is the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with helping out your fellow man. That, and a chance at smacking some of those arrogant New York/Chicago/California restauranteurs off of their "Burgundy Bible" pedestals. Yeah, that's still totally worth it.

Visit the Zagat website to vote. 

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