Voting Ends Today for Local Hero Awards

Seems like every year I tell Chow Bella readers when to get their vote on with local food mag Edible Phoenix's Local Hero Awards, where readers are invited to participate in recognizing the area's hardest-working food producers by simply submitting write-in nominations on the mag's website.

This year, I'm a little late on delivering the news, as I've been out of the loop for a couple of weeks, but Edible Phoenix publisher Pamela Hamilton kindly dropped me a reminder that today's the last day to vote. 

So do it! 

It's easy and fun to do a little brainstorming on your favorite farm/farmer, chef/restaurant, food artisan, beverage artisan, and non-profit organization. Last year's winners in those categories, respectively, were Maya Dailey/Maya's Farm, James Porter/Tapino, Fossil Creek Creamery, Four Peaks Brewery, and the Downtown Phoenix Public Market. Keep in mind that the market's won the award three times now, so they've officially been retired as a contender this year.


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