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Wanna Join A New CSA? Blue Sky Farms is Teaming Up With Green in Tempe

Tempe residents who love veggies, get ready to celebrate. Blue Sky Farms is planning on starting a new CSA program and they're doing so by teaming up with Green, meaning you'll soon have one more place to get fresh, organic vegetables without having to schlep it out to the farm.

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In order to start they need a minimum of 10 members to join the eight week program. They plan on having pick up on Thursdays and the share will be enough to feed either two vegetarians or three to four omnivores a week.

Though members won't be able to pick what they get in their share, Blue Sky says they hope to be able to offer more option by next year. For example they plan to have two sizes of shares in the future.

For now, they say though people tend to think joining a CSA will provide too many veggies, most people realize it makes it fun and easy to eat local and seasonally. Additionally, they say CSA members receive their highest quality produce.

Once the program has enough members to start, pick up for the Blue Sky Farm/Green CSA will be on Thursdays at Green in Tempe. The cost is $200 up front for an eight-week membership. For more information or to sign up, visit the Blue Sky Farms website or contact Jordana Kennedy.

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