Pie Social

Want to be an Official Judge at Pie Social on Saturday, Nov. 3? Here's How.

It's almost pie time, folks. A little more than a week til Chow Bella and Roosevelt Row bring you the third annual Pie Social, featuring a sugar-glazed, star-studded line-up of celebrity bakers.

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You're invited to come down to 2nd Street and Roosevelt on Saturday, November 3 from 2 to 6, to cram your pie hole -- but only one lucky person can join the line-up of of official judges.

Would you like to be a judge? Read on for details.

In years past, we've asked Pie Social judge candidates to jump through all sorts of poetic hoops -- mainly involving haiku.

This year: Write us a limerick. Yep, you read that right. Write a limerick that mentions pie (let's keep it PG-13, folks) and send it to Amy Silverman ([email protected]) by no later than noon, Monday, October 29.

We'll post the winning limerick (and maybe a few other choice entries) on Chow Bella, and you'll be given very special VIP access -- and a solid gold fork (okay, we made that part up, how about a Chow Bella apron?) -- to Pie Social.

Good luck.

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