Want to Own a Pair of Butcher Briefs? Vote Now to Make Them a Reality

San Francisco chef Chris Cosetino -- you might recognize the name from The Next Iron Chef -- is well known for his offal obsession. But he might be making a name for himself for his obsession with creating some pretty awful (get it?) clothing designs.

Case in point: the boxers pictured above, which he's dubbed "Butcher Briefs."

According to the potential manufacturer, Betabrand , the boxers will make it easier for women to treat their men like meat . . . So, pretty much, it's just product we've all been waiting for!

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If you dig the look, though, you can vote for them to become a reality on the Betabrand website. So far, the underwear already have received more votes than needed to reach the goal, but feel free to go ahead and add your two cents for good measure.

Those not digging the "My meat's a piece of meat" look might be interested in the Meat Feet, a trio of socks designed to look like three different types of cured meats: mortadella, sopressata, and prosciutto.

The last of Cosentino's ideas is the Chef Pants, "because chef hats make lousy trousers." The specially designed jeans would have a cell phone pocket, Sharpie loop, apron fabric-lined pockets (naturally), and a vented crotch.

So far this is the only of the three beta products to have not reached its goal number of votes -- which we think is because they're pretty much exactly like all other pairs of jeans. Except for the crotch thing, of course.

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