Watch Football Tonight, Get Sushi for a Buck

At the start of the 2009 football season,

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant





introduced a Game Day promo where sushi slash football fans could take advantage of "buy one, get one for a dollar" sushi and drink specials while watching a Cardinals game on Kabuki's flatscreens. Problem was, most of the games were in the afternoon -- so only daydrinkers really got to take full advantage.

Good news! Kabuki is bringing the "buy 1 get 1 for $1" special back for one night only, and it's tonight. The promo will run at Kabuki's Tempe and Glendale locations from 6 p.m.-midnight this evening. Here's a sneak peek at what you can get for a buck:

  • Appetizers: Mixed Tempura, Gyoza Dumplings or Sesame Chicken.
  • Sushi: Smoked Salmon, Halibut or Fresh Water Eel.
  • Rolls: Spicy Tuna, Yellowtail, Vegetable or Dynamite rolls.
  • Drinks: Sake Bombs and select hot and cold sake; Cedar Brook Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon; Kirin Ichiban, Miller Lite or Kilt Lifter draft beer. 

Grab a few friends and a few bucks and head down to Kabuki. By the time you've wolfed down four rolls and a couple of sake shots, you won't even care who wins.  

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