Wake Up Call

Watch: Murderous Burger Chases Man, World's Largest McDonalds Built In a Minute

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With all the talk about how bad fast food is for your health, it's not surprising that a team of French art students might create a vision of a world in which our food comes for us, and not the other way around.

The plot centers on the dramatic chase between a rather portly man and his human flesh craving hamburger. Don't be fooled, it might start off Pixar cute but ends up somewhere that'll give you flashbacks to MTV's Liquid Television..

Hambuster sprung from the fevered minds of students at Superinfocom, a school for digital animation in Arles, France. As far as senior projects go this movie is a sight better than a powerpoint with pie charts.

Of course, with murderous hamburgers on our mind, how could we resist watching the world's largest McDonalds be assembled in time-lapse? This temple to excess was built in London in preparation for their Olympic games. Apparently, there was some debate over whether or not it should be built in the first place since Britain grapples with their own obesity epidemic and there was some cognitive dissonance over building a fast food restaurant the size of a Costco while hosting the greatest athletes in the world.

Via: Eater

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