Wednesday: Watch Zach Fowle Take the Chompie's Challenge on Live TV

​​So apparently there's this show about eating challenges called Man v. Food. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Several months ago, Adam Richman, the country's most famous food fighter, made the trip to Phoenix to take on the Chompie's Ultimate Sliders Challenge -- a feast of 12 Jewish sliders and a mountain of onion rings totaling five pounds.

Whether Adam finished the meal has until now been a mystery, and will remain that way until the Phoenix episode premieres on the Travel Channel 9 p.m. Wednesday.


You, loyal readers, have a far more important feat of consumption to be viewing: mine. Twelve hours before the Man v. Food episode premieres (that's 9 a.m.) I'll be at the Scottsdale Chompie's (9301 East Shea Blvd) facing their Ultimate Sliders Challenge.

The enticing little sandwiches pictured here are just a preview of what I'll be facing Wednesday morning. Three Jewish sliders on challah bread -- less than a third of the total challenge meal. I ordered them to work out strategies and see exactly what it is I'm up against.

What I found: Just three is a pretty filling meal. For sliders, these things are hefty and substantial. It took me about three minutes to finish each -- a pace I'm definitely going to have to improve upon if I want to finish within the 30-minute time limit.

Fox 10 will be on hand to tape my attempt at the challenge and will be posting bits of video throughout the day on their website. Tune in to watch me nosh, or come watch the spectacle in person! Who needs Adam Richman anyway?

See you tomorrow morning!

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Zach Fowle
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