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Weekend Festival Overload and Bacon Fat Caramels in Today's Eater's Digest

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When it Rains, it Pours
Which festival are you attending this weekend? Three big events are happening this weekend and we are having a hard time picking which to hit and which to skip. Earlier this week, we mentioned the Litchfield Arts & Culinary Festival, a three-day, not to miss festival on the westside featuring tons of Art with nibbles from valley eateries and culinary demonstrations.

Yesterday, we got a sneak preview of Devoured, the premier foodie event taking place at the Phoenix Art Museum. A ticket to the fest includes admission to the museum. Kind of a two-for-one if you are split between art junkie and foodie. The two-day event features tidbits of awesomeness from local chefs and restaurants around town and offers tastings from several wineries, breweries and maybe, if you're lucky, a tequila or two.

Also this weekend, is the more family focused Aloha Festival at Tempe Beach Park. Join an array food vendors and merchants at the two-day festival. Try a bowl of island stew or a plate of savory Hawaiian barbecued beef with rice and macaroni salad. Treat the kids (or yourself) to a refreshing tropical snow cone topped with sweet cream.

Bacon Fat Caramels
If you have been paying attention, you might notice that these caramels are a repeat from last year. We love them so much that we brought them back, just in case you might have forgotten about them. Bacon Fat Caramels. Drool over them while you waiting to get your hands on your own caramels tonight at CARAMELPALOOZA! Or try and make you own. Your choice. However, Caramalpalooza requires zero kitchen clean up time.

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