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What Are the Pros and Cons of Arizona Restaurant Week?

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Gary Lasko Proprietor, The Stockyards

Pro: Marketing exposure for the restaurants specifically and the industry as a whole. It drives business and encourages guests to try restaurants for the first time. Con: It may be over-saturation by doing it two weeks a year. (I know others disagree with me on this one.)

Chef Matt Taylor, Market Street Kitchen

Pro: Getting new people in the restaurant who normally might not dine with us and getting them to take a shot at something they may not have tried before. Con: Some nights, the kitchen and waitstaff get brutally slammed, but having butts in seats that might not have been there otherwise helps ease the pain.

Chef Gregory Wiener, Top of the Rock

Pro: Getting more people in the door to experience your restaurant is a plus while establishing yourself as part of a community. Con: Guests don't get the same experience that the "normal" menu lends itself to. Typically, special menus lead to portions that are slashed or quality is slightly dropped to accommodate the pricing. By dropping prices and or quality you could be displacing your normal guests.

Chef Chris Knouse, Litchfield's at The Wigwam

Pro: It's a great opportunity for people who have tight budgets to get out and experience restaurants they would usually never go to or be able to afford. It's also great for some restaurants pick up new customers. Con: Some restaurants may put together a menu that does not actually showcase the vision, capabilities, or even the quality of the product of that restaurant.

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