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What Will Get Someone Blacklisted From a Restaurant?

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Dana Mule, GM and Partner, Hula's Modern Tiki

The only time we've 86'd anyone permanently was for bad behavior at the bar. We recently had a patron who asked the other patrons sitting there so many bizarre and offensive questions that we asked him not to come back. If your attitude impedes on the enjoyment of other guests, you're not going to be welcome at Hula's.

Danielle Leoni, Chef and Co-Owner, The Breadfruit

Hands down, if somebody is being disrespectful to one of us, we would ask them to leave. Mind you, this has only happened once in the five years The Breadfruit has been around.

Bernie Kantak, Chef and Partner, Citizen Public House

We usually try to make things work out for anyone who walks through our door, but there have been a few instances where people have been asked to leave. I think the worst thing a guest can do is be demeaning to staff.

Chris Osborn, Owner, Cadillac Ranch

I don't want to say because some nut job might read this and come in to take a shot at seeing if it really works.

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