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What's a Restaurant's Responsibility Regarding Gluten-Free Items?

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Michael O'Dowd Chef and Partner, Renegade by MOD, Wicked Six Bar & Grill by MOD

Honor the rise of gluten-free and any other condition that a customer may have. We are in the hospitality business and should be hospitable in doing what we can to accommodate any requests from the people who are paying for us to stay in business. It's the right thing to do and always will be.

Chef Eddie Castillo, AZ Food Crafters

With more and more people choosing gluten-free diets, a restaurant's responsibility lies in educating itself on the meaning of gluten-free and being aware of the fine line between a gluten-free diet someone chooses and celiac disease, which requires a dish be truly wheat-free. Ultimately, the sole responsibility still lies on the patron.

Adam Allison Chef and Owner, Frank. Food Truck

It's something you see more and more everyday for some reason. It should be handled like any food allergen in the restaurant like nuts or eggs. You should know all the ingredients in your food. You don't want to make anyone sick.

Farah Khalid Chef and Owner, Curry Corner

A restaurant should inform their staff about common food allergies. Usually patrons ask beforehand if there are gluten-free items on the menu. However, a simple effort on part of the restaurant owner to accompany the description of the dish with a gluten-free symbol would make it easier for patrons to see what their options are.

Justin Beckett Chef and Owner, Beckett's Table

We always do our best to say "yes" to all dining requests. Although we are not a gluten-free kitchen, we take precautions to ensure our gluten-free guests are taken care of.

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