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Go lb. Salts and Bring Home the Bacon

Go lb. Salts and their bacon project, Bring Home the Bacon, specialize in all things salted and brined. Their pork is sourced from heritage breed pasture-raised hogs fed a strictly vegan diet. The pork belly comes from Iowa, but the meat is smoked and cured in Central Phoenix. Their bacon is dry-rubbed (rather than dredged) with a combination of unrefined salt and organic raw sugar. This results in 30-50% less sodium in the final product, so if you're like us you'll totally be able to convince yourself that their bacon is a health food.

Speaking of sodium - Go lb. Salts also produces beautiful salt boards for cooking, baking, and serving food. They look like slabs of marble, but are designed to impart a slightly salty flavor to whatever touches their surface. Yum.

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