What's in a name?

Oh, admit it -- you were expecting some foodie bloopers resulting from two soon-to-open upscale Japanese restaurants whose names were uncannily similar.

I know I was.

No offense to either Roka or Sushi Roku, but those names were a little too close for comfort. Now the pressure's off, since Roka just announced a name change.

The high-profile London-based Roka, anticipating the opening of its first American outpost, decided to embellish its moniker a bit. Now the eatery will be called Roka Akor ("Akor" simply the backwards spelling of Roka), in reference to the Scottsdale location being a reflection of the original.

And no doubt, it helps to stand out. Roka Akor will debut sometime in mid to late-January at the new Artesia development at Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend.

Meanwhile, Sushi Roku, a branch of the popular L.A. restaurant, will be based out of the new W Scottsdale, scheduled to open on February 1.


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