What's Your Grind Coffee

This past First Friday, we tried an Arizona coffee blend, from a mobile vendor on 9th Street and McKinley. We were pleasantly surprised to not only see some action east of Roosevelt Street, but at the robust flavor of said local coffee, called What's Your Grind.

This family-owned Arizona company specializes in small batch coffee bean roasting, and boasts the expertise of Master Roaster Todd Hudalla, who trained at the Coffee Lab International School of Coffee in Vermont. Hudalla hand selects and roasts each batch of What's Your Grind beans, and it shows in the flavor of the coffee.

The regular blend smells freshly roasted, and has almost no acidity. The coffee was full-bodied and heady, and provided enough fuel for us to walk Roosevelt Row for the next two hours. The only downside to What's Your Grind is that it's not as widely available as Starbucks. Right now, you can only find WYG roasts at local farmer markets (including the North Scottsdale Farmer's Market and the Old Town Farmers Market). You can also find them online at



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